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Thoughts on Election Day

Many of my friends and people I talk to are anxious about the outcome of this year’s election.  I, personally, have not been this excited over an election since 1860 – I still have my Lincoln bumper sticker, those were crazy times!  I just want to say that whoever your candidate of choice is, consider this strategy for getting your guy into the highest office of the land: Be FOR your candidate and not AGAINST the opponent.  What’s the difference?  Focus.  The law of attraction says you bring about what you think about, that thoughts carry energy and whether your focus is positive or negative, the object of your thought gets fed by that energy.  Another way to put it is “what you resist persists”. Mother Theresa once said, ” I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations.  I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”  If this concept and example sounds mildly or wildly familiar, it’s because I totally lifted it from The Secret.  I just really feel like it bears repeating.

My own personal example, and perhaps a minority of you can relate, is if I put something off-limits (like when I have banned a food item from my diet, to get to my goal weight), I have a tendency to think about or pine after that thing like mad.  The item, say, chocolate cake, that was once an item in the periphery of my mind, now occupies a much larger part of cerebral real estate until I am convinced I must not only have one small piece of cake at the next opportunity, but that I should probably just eat the better part of the whole thing. (That has actually happened to me, but that episode deserves it’s very own blog entry, dontcha think?)

So here’s my point:  if you really want Obama to win, but you’re focused on McCain losing (or vice versa) you may end up eating the whole cake (and regretting it afterwards)  instead of enjoying your goal weight.   A popular speculation among those who understand the law of attraction is that our current president won, not because he was wildly popular among voters, but because more people desired his loss of the election than his opponent’s victory.  If you’ve never given this law of attraction thing a go, go on and give it a try now.  It won’t cost you anything, it will give your physical ballot a boost and you may wake up tomorrow to find that it was well worth the small, but profound, shift in thinking.
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