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Woohoo! I’m Elite – well, sort of . . .

I had my second visit with a registered dietician (RD) today.  I was excited to find out that I fall under the category of  “elite athlete” – my ego liked the sound of that, but then I imagined my master’s swim coach laughing his ass off if he heard me described as such and then putting me in the actual lane with the actual elite swimmers in our club. Humbling.  Okay, let me rephrase, NUTRITIONALLY speaking I am categorized as an elite athlete.  Apparently, this means I need to be eating way more carbohydrates than I am currently.  I am not opposed to this.  Upon learning this, I started thinking about that pumpkin pecan pie I made for Thanksgiving, half of which is sitting in the freezer awaiting its encore after christmas dinner.  Then my RD suggested I up my fruit intake to get my recommended daily carb requirement – is pumpkin a fruit or a veg?

My Rd figured that my daily caloric need  is, at a bare minimum, 1600, and, she says, probably closer to 2000 calories a day.  I’m still finding that hard to swallow (sorry, couldn’t resist  . . .).  I’m 5’1″ and 115 lbs – 2000 calories sounds like a lot of food to me.  I seriously thought I required closer to 1500 calories a day.  I told her I wasn’t interested in gaining weight and she assured me 2000 cals/day would maintain my weight. The online calorie calculator from the Mayo clinic site, concurs with her findings.  She also addressed the recent weight I gained/lost (the 5 lbs I talked about in earlier posts) and she thinks I may have been “spilling”. I thought maybe this was her way of describing the phenomenon that occurs when excess abdominal tissue erupts over the waist band of one’s very snug jeans, but I was wrong. Spilling occurs when the body, experiencing a carb deficit , signals the brain to eat more carbs. Lots more. Right now!  This can result in weight gain (mostly from water which the carbs absorb like a sponge, and leave the body feeling sponge-like as well: squishy and bloated).  Marathon runners do something similar, intentionally, in preparation for a race –before they have a chance to get depleted– it’s referred to as carbo-loading (aka a typical meal at Buca di Beppo).
So, I wondered, was my recent weight gain caused by emotional eating or my body’s carb-spilling program? Perhaps my body took advantage of my emotional triggers to carb up (my last compulsive eat did involve chips, see my Trigger Happy post)? I don’t really know. But I do know that, weight gain or no, my emotional eating was an issue that needed to be addressed.  I believe any consistent compulsive behavior is worth investigating as it is most likely a cover up for a toxic thought one erroneously  and unquestioningly believes.  There were enough times in the past when I ate past fullness, pursued sexual relationships for the intense, but fleeting pleasure they provided and cleaned the house frantically when it was already so clean you could eat off the floor (I would not advise eating off my floors these days).  Beneath all those distractions was a false thought causing me to suffer unnecessarily.  Once I undid the thought, the compulsive behavior stopped – there simply was nothing left to cover up.  And just like weight maintenance, there is also thought maintenance.  Exercise and proper nutrition for the body, and questioning and dissolving destructive thoughts for the mind.  That’s pretty much the maintenance program I’m following right now and the one I will continue to follow for as long as I desire peace and authentic joy.
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