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Nobody puts Baby in a corner . . .

“Growth, Shmowth, I wanna have some fun!” This is what my inner all play voice was shouting at me while I lay on the floor settling into my 6am body scan meditation practice yesterday. My all work voice  was like, “Quiet! Can’t you see we’re trying to do some very important spiritual work here?” My all play voice responded with a raspberry.  In the end, I finally listened to what my all play self  was trying to tell me – I had no choice, really, since I was being totally still (and mostly mindful) – it was saying, “put your party pants on, mama, we’re going  OUT and we’re gonna shake-it-like-a-polaroid-picture.”

Basically, my all play self was tired of all the attention I was giving to the study of my spiritual growth: the books I’m reading, the discussions I have about it, the CDs I listen to and the intense meditation practice I have adopted.  I enjoy all of these things very much. However, I also like to go and blow it out once in a while, too.  That’s just a part of my makeup. I think that’s part of everyone’s makeup.  I believe the word for this is “balance”. Ironically, I was studying all this wonderful spiritual and personal growth material, but not putting it into practice fully.  After all, this is supposed to be about me discovering my joy and  being me totally and completely!  I’m not saying I’m unhappy, not by a long shot, but I was getting a bit severe in my pursuit – I think I’ve mentioned (ad nauseum) that I have a tendency to focus my attention on my pursuits with laser-like precision.  My funmeister self thinks this is sick and wrong, especially when I don’t put all that I’ve learned to good use, say, in a club somewhere with  friends laughing and dancing my butt off.  My all work self is appalled by this idea and thinks we should sit in meditation for an additional 30 minutes a day and read another book to boot. 
Good news for my all play self. It wasn’t even 10am when  a friend of mine invited me to go out with her Friday night.  Sweet. I also took a break and went shopping yesterday, not for gifts (though I did pick one up), but for me!  It’s been a while since I’ve shopped for just me – I’ve purchased one article of new clothing for myself in the past year.  I should mention that I’m not a big fan of shopping, but still . . .Before I went shopping, I took it upon myself to do a 15 minute loving-kindness meditation that not only appeased my all work self, but also put me in a fantastic mood.  I had a fabulous shopping experience. I also got a new pair of jeans, a dress and a shirt for under $80 (and, yes, it’s decent stuff)!  
So now I’m about to go get ready to my all play self’s delight and get down to the serious business of gettin’ down 🙂
I’m not sure what wise person said it, but it’s so true, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I don’t know who this Jack person is but I hope he gets out soon and makes his situation right!
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