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My dirty little thought . . .

This is my first post for the new year, so Happy New Year everybody!

I’d like to say that I started off the new year strong and full of vim and vigor.  The truth is, I have been feeling physically off starting around mid-December.  Currently, I am dealing with an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (aka IBS, a kind of a waste-basket diagnosis, if you ask me: all symptoms and no perceptible cause) flare-up, a weird rash I believe may be hives and a possible iron deficiency.  Suffice it to say, I’m not life of the party material in my present state. The worst part is my mind started conjuring worst case scenarios on my situation, and that is never a good thing.  I started looking up all the things that could possibly be wrong with me and then researched further how a gazillion people recommend a gazillion different ways to fix whatever thing I think is wrong with me.  All this thinking and researching just ended up making me feel like something is wrong with me, and that quickly progressed into something is always going to be wrong with me and in it’s final version my mind decided that I will always have health problems.  And that is the real problem, buying in to negative thoughts – it always is, 110% of the time.
Thankfully, I have learned some pretty kick-ass tools to put me right again.  The first one I reach for is Byron Katie’s The Work.  As soon as I realized I was getting all woes me I broke out my ongoing The Work document and, well, got to work answering the four questions and the turn-arounds.  I thought I’d post my results here, so you can see how this unfolds:

My thought: I am always going to have health problems.
Question #1: Is this true? no


Q#2: How do you feel when you think this thought? I feel a knot in my stomach, tense around my shoulders, tight all over, anxious, wound-up


Q#3: Who would you be without this thought?  I am more relaxed, able to think more clearly, stronger, more open

Turn-arounds to my original thought: 

My health problems are always going to have me.

       this feels truer than my original thought.  as long as I let the state of my health dictate my feelings, my health in general is controlling me.

       I get to decide what I focus on and if I choose to focus on my health and it happens to not be optimal at the time, I am choosing to focus on what isn’t right which is miniscule compared to what is right with my health.

       My health is only one aspect of who I am and deserves attention, a good portion of it, but not all of it, esp when my thoughts about it are negative.

       My health status doesn’t exist without ME. I can choose to focus on my health, but my health status depends on my interpretation.

       My health can’t exist outside of me.


I am always going to have health solutions.

This feels truer than my original thought.

       When a challenge comes up, I will eventually find a solution to it, even if it means the solution is to co-exist with the issue peacefully and without resistance.

       Once I start looking for solutions, instead of focusing on the problem, I will feel better.

       No problem, or condition (good or bad), is static or lasts forever.  Everything is constantly evolving -there is a beginning, middle and end.  Even when there is pain, there are gaps of relief, however brief, inherent in the experience.

       by concentrating on the moments of relief and well-being, I strengthen that energy and invite well-being into my situation

–   by letting go and listening to my body’s wisdom and my inner wisdom, I am allowing healing to occur without straining and striving.

Whewww . . . glad I purged that little troublemaker from my brain! It is really amazing how these four simple questions and turn-arounds help to slow down my thinking and question the validity of any thought causing me to suffer.  Left unchallenged, they run amok and leave me feeling helpless and hopeless, and, I ask you, who needs THAT?!!!  This is what I do whenever I start to feel crappy emotionally, which, I’m happy to report, is not very often – there is always a disconnect between the truth and the painful thought I’m thinking.  The only way to resolve this, is to dissolve the thought.  Now, I may only have to do this process once or several to a dozen or more times depending on the thought, but I know this for sure: with each iteration of The Work, the thought grows weaker and weaker, until, poof! it’s gone.  Then I do the happy dance and get on with my life.

At this very moment I am free from the itch of the hives, the bloating and cramping of IBS, weakness from general fatigue and, most importantly, my dirty little thought (a lie) that I am somehow more unhealthy than healthy. This is a HUGE improvement from how I felt a scant hour ago and I’ll know how to approach my thoughts should they veer to the dark side while I figure out (not worry and complain about!) what the heck is going on with my bod.
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