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Saying no to one thing allows you to say yes to something else

I don’t know where I first heard that phrase, but it’s one that I feel bears repeating.  Mother’s Day got me thinking about how a lot of moms say yes to so many people (children, significant others, employers, friends, total strangers . . .) and they flat out forget to say yes to themselves.  By saying yes too many times to others, I have said no to my own needs and wants.  This often meant neglecting my own self care and well-being (I remember times when the idea of a shower seemed exorbitantly decadent). This made me very cranky, often resentful, and really icky to be around.

The word No is an incredibly powerful ally in allowing you to say yes to your own needs. Because you are so capable, smart and plain fabulous, you are going to be invited to do a myriad of things and help with a variety projects.  Some you’ll truly want to do and others you’d rather trade for highly detailed dental work.   Remember they are only invitations, not mandates – you get to choose where you spend your time and energy.  Maybe you truly want to volunteer on your home owners association board, but if doing so means sacrificing your basic needs  (tending to your fitness and health, getting enough sleep, showering . . .) then consider what you’re really saying yes to: yes to helping the HOA run meetings and getting contractor bids for the-flowers-lining-the-walkway project, yes to eating poorly, yes to stress  and anxiety due to being pressed for time (because, let’s be honest, you’re most likely president of the PTA, the go to guy/girl everyone relies on to get things done, the grand poo-bah of your social club and/or you spend the better part of your waking life shuttling  kids -yours and others – back and forth to  no less than twelve activities a week).  Is that working for you?  
What invitations, requests or people can you say no to this week that will allow you to say yes to you?    

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