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You Get As Good As You Give

Are you getting what you want?  If you’re not, your energy needs some tweaking and to do this you need to change the way you feel.

Think back to any social situation you’ve been in and recall the people you wanted to talk to. You were most likely drawn to the positive people.  Positive people spend most of their time feeling good.  That’s attractive.  I suspect, rarely, if at all, are you clamoring to get close to someone who is putting out the negative, downer vibes. That’s quite unattractive. The same principle applies to objects, situations and events.  If, for example, I want a really great job for myself, but every time I think about that job I get frustrated or sad because I don’t have it, I am putting out negative energy.  I will have difficulty getting myself a great job with negative energy, because negative energy is repellant to positive situations (and very attractive to negative situations).  Even if I do land a great job with the negative energy, I’m likely not to enjoy it or even lose the great job because now I’m thinking that I need to hold on to it to be happy! What a conundrum!

Tiger Woods

The good news is changing my energy is as simple as changing my thoughts to something that feels better than whatever thought was causing me to feel frustrated and sad.  There is a feeling that I am after when I think about the job of my dreams, it could be a sense of security, contribution or even accomplishment, but it’s a very positive feeling I want to feel. When I think about how awesome I perform in my dream job, the exciting work I’m doing, the generous compensation I’m receiving and the variety of very cool people I’m working with (notice I’m using present tense to really see myself in the job) I get very enthusiastic.  This turns me into a very strong magnet for what I want, because now I’m vibing positive, confident, feel good energy and that’s attractive. Heck, I feel so good, I don’t even care if I get the job! But I will get it. . . Conversely, if I am vibing negative, clingy, needy energy I will become quite repellant to this killer job I want.

The most important thing to do when you want to attract a certain person, situation or thing into your life is feel good.  People often believe that they’ll feel good once they have the person, situation or thing that they want, but they have it backwards: they will have the person, situation or thing they want when they feel good. From this feel good place will come fresh, inspired ideas.  Inspired ideas lead to inspired action—inspired action can be quite intense, but it is way easier and  far more productive than struggling and muscling through to accomplish something. Always.

One way to feel good immediately is by focusing on someone you are crazy in love with (he or she could be someone alive or someone who has passed: a child, significant other, friend, grandparent, even a pet).  Sometimes focusing on people (even the ones we love) is challenging or they bring up stuff that messes with our feel good vibe, in this case just focus on something you love like an object or an activity (dancing always does it for me). Try it now: focus on someone or something you love and see how that feels.  Now picture yourself having what you really want while hanging out in that feel good place. Doesn’t that feel amazing?! If you start to lose the good feelings by focusing on your want, just forget the want for now and stay in your feel good place for a while.  Practice getting in and staying in this feel good place regularly and start to focus on some simple, easy wants (like a cup of coffee, a book, etc), then you will gain the ability to focus on the bigger wants while occupying this feel good space.  By doing this, you’ll start attracting some pretty yummy things to you including, but not limited to, what you consciously want.  In fact, you may get something even better than what you thought you wanted! While you’re patiently waiting for your want to become a reality, prepare yourself for having it, because it’ll be here before you know it.

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