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Get What You Want In 2010

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now ~Alan Lakein

Coming in to 2010 I have a full roster of projects and goals I want to accomplish in the new year–dreaming and scheming up ideas has never been an issue for me, but I have a long history of feeling overwhelmed by all the action that needs to take place to get it done.  When I was in grade school, for example, after watching Grease for the gazillionth time,  I had the totally brilliant idea that my friends and I should form our own chapter of The Pink Ladies: I sold them on the pink jackets we would wear (they would even have our names written across the front–in cursive!), I explained how we’d strut around the school acting tough and rebellious like Rizzo did, but I did suggest we forego taking up smoking because we would for sure get in trouble with the teachers and our parents if they found out.   We all got giggly and excited about our new club—we even made temporary name tags for ourselves (in case we had difficulty identifying one another in my room that day)—and after we finished our celebratory dancing and singing to the Grease soundtrack, one of my friends asked, who is gonna make the jackets?  other questions followed, will we have meetings? What sort of things will we do besides wear jackets and not smoke? Can we invite other girls to join? Which one of us is more like Sandy? Then there was a heated discussion about whether we should have a secret greeting that only our members knew—some thought it was cool while others thought it was beyond dorky. At some point we all got hungry and raided my kitchen pantry. We never formed the Miller Elementary School chapter of The Pink Ladies, there were lots of reasons, but two biggies were that my idea lacked focus and a plan of action. Well, I’ve come a long way, baby. No, I won’t be starting a new chapter of The Pink Ladies, but I am taking a far more organized approach to getting what I do want these days.

For my 2010 goals, I took the idea of picking the feeling I want to feel and a theme song to get inspired and stay focused on what it is I want to accomplish as Susan Hyatt recommends, I broke down my plan into tasks and created a schedule by following a simple, but effective time management system suggested by Robert Middleton.  And to pull it all together and really make it happen I am following my most favorite advice for preventing overwhelm: taking it one step at a time.  I feel better knowing that all my important (and even my not so important) projects are accounted for and I have a plan of action ready to follow.  However, I also know that I personally perform at my best when I’m improvising and taking risks, so it’s important for me to stay flexible and allow myself to switch gears and priorities at the drop of a hat.  My action plan is a helpful guide, it is not a set of laws carved in stone.  I like that.

You can have whatever it is you truly want and you can start going after it at any time of the year, but I say take action while you’re all on fire about it and keep moving forward—any step you take towards your goal, no matter how small or big, brings you closer to getting what you want.  Check your intentions and make sure you are coming from a positive, full place rather than a needy, fearful place, don’t be afraid to fail, find at least one supportive and encouraging person and hang out with them a lot, have fun and go for it. All the good stuff in 2010 is yours for the taking, so whatcha waiting for? Stake your claim.

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  1. Debi
    January 5, 2010 at 3:39 am

    Nice Emiko! Thank you! I love this post. I am now thinking of a theme song for 2010 and which feeling that I want to choose to feel. I love that you wrote “check your intentions and make sure you are coming from a positve, full place rather than a needy, fearful place”. Hmmm, that has me intrigued; I need to do self-coaching on that one. You really got me thinking here 😉

  2. January 5, 2010 at 5:12 am

    That’s awesome Debi! I would love to know what song you come up with . . . mine is “Shut It Down” by Pitbull 🙂 Getting clear on your intentions now is going to set you up for an amazing year, I’m excited to watch it unfold for you!

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