Take a Vacation

I had a hell of a week. Lots of excitement for sure and some pretty major disappointments sprinkled in for good measure (including a stomach virus that landed me in urgent care and some news that really just bummed me out). Thankfully, I was scheduled for a vacation this weekend.  How did I know so many months ago that I would totally need one? I knew I was pretty smart, but this was pure genius.  So, off on vacation I went with my fun and supportive girlfriends.  Thank God for girlfriends.

I stayed up late, I slept in and I took a nap. I got in trouble with hotel management by using the pool umbrella as a pole to get my aerial acrobatics on (I have a penchant for snapping souvenir photos of me doing aerial tricks on objects that could pass for a pole . . . ). I took 3 showers in one day. A cute inebriated guy approached me by the pool and kept asking me the same 5 questions over and over again, thinking they were brand new questions (normally, I’d have walked away from this sort of thing, but, seriously . . .what else did I have going on at that moment?  He was amusing, so I let myself be amused.).  I ate sushi. I danced.  I giggled and talked girl-talk with my friends.  The sweetest housekeepers cleaned my room and left me extra bottles of water while I was being served breakfast downstairs. I met a new friend. I lounged by the pool.  I had a blast.

It was the exact combination of events that I needed to take place in order to downshift from the week I had just come off of. Whatever heaviness followed me to the resort had evaporated by the time I left.  Blowing off steam is good. If you’re about to blow your stack, schedule your vacay now, stat.  Some of you may have trips planned for this summer, but that’s not the same as a vacation. A vacation is all about you, just you doing what you want, when you want, how you want and respectfully telling anyone who doesn’t like it to bugger off.  A trip usually involves dependents or some family member you are somehow obligated to bring and it most likely includes some manual labor (for example: if I’m cooking, it’s a trip, if I’m taking care of children, it’s a trip).   Trips are fine and even fun, but they’re no vacation.  Take a vacation.

  1. Julie
    May 4, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    I’m planning mine now! Thinking Vegas during the week. but I’d also love to find some super-secret location that’s affordable, fun, and just special. You know?

    So where did you go?

  2. May 4, 2010 at 6:29 pm


    When my girlfriends and I were looking at places to go, this year, Vegas definitely made the short list! But since that was last year’s trip (and I had to stay back, unfortunately, and miss all of last year’s fun!), we decided on Palm Desert. We stayed at the Desert Springs Marriott. It was awesome. There were several good restaurants, a night club (on the premises!), 5 pools, a lake you can take a little boat ride around on, a spa, a golf course and probably more amenities I didn’t even know about! I thought it was a good combo of high energy when I wanted it and chill and mellow when I wanted that.

    For sure pick a place YOU want to go and do the things YOU want to do–you’re the one enjoying it!

    Have fun planning and have even more fun when you reach your destination!!

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