Do Yourself Proud

I bet when you take inventory of your proudest moments so far, you discover how hard you worked to reach those moments. You probably had to overcome some, if not many, obstacles to get there. I bet you even look back at some of those most challenging times with nostalgia, not because they were the precursors to your most brilliant achievements, but because you are the most brilliant and alive when you are pushing yourself to reach your goals. More times than not, your finest moments are born out of the messy, frustrating and disappointing ones.

And, yet, right now you may be wondering why you haven’t been given the fabulous job, why the right mate hasn’t shown up on your doorstep, why your waistline refuses to shrink or why your bank account hasn’t swelled up to ridiculous proportions. I’m certain if you were handed whatever it is you are after, you would be elated . . .for about 10 minutes. After that, however, you would either lose appreciation for your new acquisitions or be terrified of losing them—if you have no control over how or when they come into your life, you have no control over how or when they will leave you. We thrive on challenges. I believe it’s why we have goals in the first place.  We are designed to stretch and grow and when we do what we are built to do, we are happy.  Think back to one of your proudest moments again. How much did you struggle and how much did you have to conquer to reach that moment?  Would you have appreciated it just the same if someone had just handed it to you?  Of course not, and what we don’t appreciate we don’t maintain.

Put yourself out there. Take the risk. Dare to mess up so you can learn, correct and try again.  Your finest moment is just around the corner, meet it and relish it. Before long, you will have another proud moment you can add to your inventory.

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