Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. ~John Wooden


You’re determined and not afraid to work hard, but sometimes you feel overwhelmed by your goals or frustrated with the inevitable setbacks that occur along the way.   No one is completely objective when it comes to assessing and developing their own skills and talents, which is why elite athletes work with coaches and why successful leaders consult with advisors.  When it comes to achieving your personal goals, it’s a big advantage to have your own coach help you sharpen your existing skills, teach you new ones and stretch you past your current limits.

If achieving your goals is a priority and you are ready to take action to make it happen, check out the services, workshops and events that I offer.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, I would love to hear from you!

Emiko Jaffe is a smart, funny, unorthodox, creative coach who will take you on a joyride to your best life.  She’s encouraging without being demanding, high-achieving without losing perspective, and kind without being mushy.  She adds a perspective to her coaching that will help you see your own life in a new light, finding solutions where you thought there were only problems.  If you’re ready for a much more interesting life, give her a call.

~Martha Beck, PhD, Author of Finding Your Own North Star, Steering By Starlight and O Magazine Monthly Columnist

Emiko’s coaching style cuts right through the self-created drama which has inhibited me for years.  Years! She lovingly calls me on my stuff and challenges me to be my most authentic self—regardless of the discomfort it causes my polished ego.  My mantra has been I want more from life, I want to realize my dreams, I want to be all the fabulous things I know that I am capable of…and yet, I wasn’t following through. Why?  Emiko helped me find my why, and for that I stand in gratitude everyday.

P.S. I’m ten pounds lighter as a result of  it, too!

~Kat Thorpe, Minneapolis, MN


Coaching by phone: includes one 60 minute call with unlimited email support between phone sessions. Coaching by phone is ideal for clients who prefer immediate, focused attention on their issues and concerns along with immediate feedback during conversation. Best for individuals who best express themselves through talking.  In person coaching is also available for local clients.

Fee per session: $90

Email Coaching: all coaching is done via email and includes unlimited email support for an entire month. This option is ideal for clients who require maximum time flexibility, who live in time zones where it may be difficult to schedule appointments during Pacific Time zone business hours or who simply feel they are better able to express themselves through writing.

Fee per month: $500

Both phone and email coaching produce amazing results, the most effective option is the one that feels right for you.

If you have any questions, want to learn more about my services or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact me:


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