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Comeback Diva: To Fall is Human, To Get Up is Diva

Weekend of September 25-September 26, 2010. . .

(**We will be hosting a complimentary preview call for this workshop on August 25 1p PDT/4p EDT***)

Curious to know what two women and a pole can teach you about recovering from setbacks and getting what you want?  Then check out the Comeback Diva workshop! You will learn and use strategies I teach in my forthcoming book Comeback: 4 Simple Steps That Will Take You From Kissing The Dirt to Touching the Sky to learn cool pole moves and a routine taught by expert pole instructor, Minda Ruggles (together we are  Vertical Enlightenment).  You will learn how to recover from setbacks while learning vertical dance! This is a fun workshop where you will learn some serious skills on and off the pole.

You can find details and sign up for the complimentary preview call by clicking here.

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